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The study utilized the survey approach of research precisely the descriptive method. The said approach is use as much as the principal rationale of the study was to figure out the problems and/or situations under such factors that mostly affect their academic performance. Ten students of the different year level from pilot sections were asked to fill up a survey questionnaire. In order to determine the factors that affect student's academic performance.

A survey questionnaire was prepared for students. This instrument was used to determine the problems and/or situations under such factors that mostly affect student's academic performance. The survey questionnaire is composed of two sections. The introductory section of it includes basic questions used to identify the socio-demographic profiles of the student respondents. The second section of the survey questionnaire addresses the statements and questions under each factors mostly encountered by students. The questionnaire is consist of 35 items as indicators. Student respondents are asked to indicate their most appropriate rating for each item. There are 40 respondents taken for the student respondents.

As to age, most of the student respondents belongs to the age bracket of 14 and 16 years old which accounts for 12 or 30% of the total respondents.

Female respondents have dominated male respondents which accounts for 26 or 65% of the total respondents.

In terms of year level, the student respondents got an equal frequency and percentage which is 10 or 25% of the total respondents. This data is being considered in the study undertaken.

As to the socio-economic factors, under the number in the family, 39 or 97% of the students have brothers or sisters that also went to school while only 1 or 3% is the only child.

While under the family income, 30 or 75% of the students’ parents have enough money for their school spendings, while the rest 10 or 25% of the students’...
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