Local Literature Customer Service Skill Employed in the Restaurant

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Quality of service Pages: 7 (1475 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Customer Service Skills Employed in Kamayan Restaurant
in Marikina City

A Thesis Proposal
Presented to the Faculty
Of the College of Bachelor Science of Hospitality Management

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Subject HRM 109
Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science
In Hospitality Management


Zabala Jem

Brillantes Judy Ann

Gatbunton Romaline

Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Background


Customer Service Skills is the most important in hospitality industry. The capabilities of the employees in restaurant much more give importance. By a formal procedure used in the evaluation of work skills performance, it really develops their skills. The basic human tendency to make judgments about those one is working with, as well as about oneself. The quality service does not just happen by chance. It is not the result of an extraordinary employee who goes of the way to please a particular customer. Quality service needs to be plan and manage, from the service delivery system to maintain standard operations that ensure quality is both high and meet the quality service and value. Customer Service Skills can be learning. There are some who are having difficulties learning these skills and there are also those who easily learn them. Communication is one of the most important skills in customer service. And also need to listen to the customers carefully so you could understand their concern. Need to practice speaking clearly to customers will be able to understand you. Listening is an

important skill also in the communication process. Let the customers talk and state their concerns so you can effectively help them. Some establishments encounter problems due to lack of Customer Service Skills employed in selected restaurants. Their knowledge, skills, behavior and capabilities are not enough to achieve their tasks accordingly and to provide a good service into the customer. Those are things they might improve well because they are directly responsible for improving the value and quality of service experience. And also they are the interface between the customers and the establishment. It must be exceed their customer expectations to meet and create a quality service. Managers hire the employees providing training, conducting performance evaluations, discipline, promote and oversee all the other task that must be done to ensure that there is someone at the right time and place ready to serve the customers. These are the employees who can change the regular interaction into something special that the customers will both appreciate and remember. Through this experience the employee connects with the customers in a way that builds a relationship. By this relationship somehow makes an

emotional connection that leaves the customer feeling good about the experience and believing that something was special and memorable about it. In return the customers still remain patronizing the establishment by their value and quality service that they have. The goal of the service organization is to attract and retain a loyal customer base. To achieve this goal, hospitality organizations must deliver a good quality that only to satisfy customers but exceed their expectations. It must rely on intangibles, such as the quality of service, and sustain a competitive industry. The significance of this research study is to determine the capabilities and Skills of the employees on the “Kamayan Restaurant”.

Conceptual Frame WorkThe Conceptual Frame will follow the input output (IPO)system, as shown in figure 1 will guide the researchers in the conduct of the study.

Figure 1 - The Conceptual Paradigm of the Study

In the Input Box consider the Documentary...
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