Local Literature

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Local Literature
Personality is the sum of one’s personal characteristics. It is one’s identity. The teachers, more than any other professional are momentarily subjected to scrutiny to the minutest detail and observation by those they associate with. Teachers are judged more strictly than the other professionals. The personality they project determined the impressions they make upon students’ and colleagues. Their poise, bearing and manner of dressing create a stunning and attractive appearance. Their facial expression communicates a friendly and amiable disposition. Personalities may be described as authoritative, weak, dynamic, or “magnetic”. Teachers’ personality must be natural and genuine, that is, devoid of pretenses and artificiality. They must be consistent, true and authentic. (Corpuz & Salandanan, 2006 p.12)

In the highly complex world of human relations, it is essential that the conscientious teachers be concerned not only with how students’ interact with her but how they interact with their peers and with other adults. But concern is not enough. Little can be accomplished until students’ problems pertaining to human relations have been identified. (Salandanan, 2010 p.18)

Once the teachers is more aware with the social relationships among her students’ she is in the better position to select a technique for teaching human relations. Toward this end, the teacher must first identify students’ problems pertaining to human relations. The identification such problem gives the teacher a basis for considering what techniques for improving human relations she might employ. (“Teaching techniques for improving human relations”, p.459 n.d)

No single factor can contribute more to an improved student achievement than the guarantee of a quality teacher in every classroom. No amount of classroom facilities and instructional materials can produced the desired learning outcome without a teacher at the center stage. Quality is synonymous to competence, creativity and commitment, contextualized in the teaching profession. Competence highlights a teacher’s adequate knowledge, proficient skills and trustworthiness. Creativity is a kin to originality, flexibility and innovativeness. Worthwhile values of compassion and commitment provide the fine ingredients that make teaching truly humane and enriched with a sincere feeling of accountability.

Quality teachers’ can be found in our schools today. Adequately prepared through quality pre-service programs and continually motivated to grow while in the service, their competence to teach is assured. The attitudes and values that they project in and out of the classrooms, in the home and community, provide positively and satisfactorily the answer to the perennial search for quality teachers. As paragons of virtues and progressive attitudes, they truly deserve the priceless rewards, recognition and emulation of the whole nation. With full pride and confidence, every parent and community can lay upon their chests the growth and nurturance of their sons and daughters for a promising future. (“Quality teacher”, p.7-11 n.d)

The teacher rightfully deserves to be enthroned at the center stage of any educational endeavor. She is the distinct ray of light that illumines the mind touches the heart and buoys aloft the spirit of the young. Every effort, initiative or enterprise aimed to educating the young needs a magic hand to provide the much-needed direction, guidance and energy throughout the educational journey. Assuming a number of roles that a leader, counselor, assistant and instructional manager, there is no task that demands more waking hours, strength and attention than the teaching-learning episode.

Competent teachers produce competent students. The desire to grow and learn more and more is vital to the development of an exceptional proficiency and capability needed in the teaching profession. As a concluding statement, a definitive teacher personality is a picture of one who...
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