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Topics: Internet café, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 23, 2013

Chazper San Miguel mentioned in his article entitled “Internet café Tips for Investors in the Philippines”, that:
“Every internet café must realize that it is better to compete with your competitors by improving one’s services, computers, environment etc… rather than lowering your rental fee because that will only result in price war wherein everybody loses”. (2006)

The proper attitude that each i-cafe must have that one must compete wisely, see the bigger picture that will affect the internet cafe business in your area.

As we all know, Internet cafe’s can be found everywhere in the Philippines that is why Mon Peter I. Damiles states in his article entitled ”Tips For Internet Café Owners” that;
“Putting up an internet café without any computer background is not advisable” (2011)
In his statements it is better you must also learn the basics for you to be aware and can’t be easily fooled.

In the article entitled “The future of internet café business” Adrian Arce Manangan cited that;
“The cheaper costs of supplies and the undefined stand of internet cafe businesses makes it a hard place to earn a fair income” (2011)

The internet cafe business is now similar to a "sari-sari" store. Never will you not find one in the neighborhood. Sad to say price war has taken its toll. And soon only a few will be left to play the game. People may think that an internet cafe business may earn a big income and that is a mistake. The cost of electricity in the Philippines are getting higher almost every six months. And the constant change in high tech and cheaper computers are emerging almost every three months.

VIvek Johari an software developer mentioned in his article entitled “Sql Server - How to write a Stored procedure in Sql server” mentioned that;
“Since if we send the sql query (statement)which is executing in a loop to the server through network and the network get disconnected then the execution of the sql statement...
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