Local Farming

Topics: Local food, Farmer, Pollution Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: June 24, 2013
According to the 8 o’clock news of SBS, cabbages that were harvested in Nam-Yang-Joo went directly to the local market without any middlemen’s intervention. It didn’t even take 2 hours for the newly harvested vegetables to arrive on the shelves. Also the price of these vegetables is 20% lower than others. By just looking at this we can see that local farming is very beneficial. But not only it is fresh and cheap, it supports the locals and reduces the environmental cost. First, it is beneficial for the consumers. Typical vegetables and fruits are usually picked 4 to 7 days before the distribution so in this period the products are kept in the freezing facilities. However, when you freeze the vegetables, their quality goes down. On the other hand, local farming provides fresh newly picked foods to the consumers. Usually it only takes about 2 to 3 hours for the local foods to be placed on the shelves. For instance, normal food, especially fruits, comes from places such as California, Florida or Mexico. This means that the food that is being sold is probably days old but local food comes from next door. How can we compare these foods with totally different quality? Thus, through local farming, consumers can enjoy fresh and healthy foods. Also, because of local farming, the price is cheaper. Local farming reduces all possible middlemen services. This means that the payment to the distributers is gone and this is the cause of cheaper products. For example, the normal cycle of distribution is farm sells the food to the wholesalers. Then through auctions, it is sent to the market. In this process, food price goes up since the middlemen take some profit. But, local farming reduces all the distribution costs so the product is much cheaper. Therefore, consumers can receive fresh and cheap vegetables through local farming. Moreover, local farming helps the society. Currently, most farmers are forced to sell their agriculture to the middlemen or big corporations. This makes...
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