Local Enrollment Database System

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Title: Local Enrollment Database System

Table of Contents

Background of the problem1
Project Description2
Problem Statement2
Statement of the major problem2
Statement of the minor problem2
Major objectives3
Minor objectives3
Scopes and Limitations4
Proof of documentation5

I. Introduction:

1.1 Background of the problem:

Tagabuyo, the previous name of Pampanga was owned by the Palma Gil family. It was named Tagabuyo because of the plant Buyo which the inhabitants loved to plant.

In 1944, the late Vicente Hizon, Sr., the donor of the school site changed it to Pampanga where he came from.

The first school that set off was Vicente Hizon, Sr. Primary School located near the beach. It was a two-room building. There were about 300 pupils with Mr. Pastor, Mr. Villarosa, Mr. Antonio, and Mr. Espiritu as the teachers. Mr. Renegrado was the principal that time.

In 1950, the said school was relocated to its present site. It became an elementary school in 1954 with Mrs. Carmen Reyes who hailed from Luzon was the principal. Mrs. Hizon-Velez, the daughter of the late Hizon, Sr. was one of the teachers, also with Mrs. Isabel Mapanao, the source of this information also taught in this school.

To date, the school has fifty-nine teachers and has more than two thousand students. It is situated in a 1,001 sq. meters lot. To house the increasing populace, the school still needs classrooms since some classes are held under the bleacher and some are having emergency classes. It has a covered court which was constructed through the initiative of barangay captain, Engr. Dioscoro Sampaga Jr.

As time goes on, the school increases its population but then, the enrollment system on the said school is still in manual. Learning from addressing some surveys and random interviews around the school premises that, the manual enrollment system was...
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