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Lobbying is a pathway of action, a way for citizens to influence government, that is essential for to be able to use, but is dangerous when lobbyists push for ideas that are from a minority instead of the majority. Lobbyists are those who attempt to persuade or influence the opinion of the actions of government through sharing information, persuasion, and political pressure via telephone, email, letters, and voicing your opinions directly to your representatives (Congressmen, city council members, senators). Lobbyists also lobby through offering financial aid for their re-election. Lobbyists lobby their representatives usually because they have a closer connection with and were elected by them and other members of their community. Social lobbying is creating a relationship with your representatives through inviting them dinners and trips in order to discuss issues that they are passionate about. Reasons for lobby are usually Lobbying is beneficial to bringing change faster than the other pathways of action, for lobbyists are directly influencing their representatives. Lobbyists benefit government through giving public opinion to issues and through upholding the desires of the people Federal and State Government officials do no just come up with ideas for laws on the spot by themselves; they obtain ideas for laws through the ideas and concerns of the people in order to keep them happy, for the main goal of any political official is re-election. It is required to register as a lobbyist in Texas after 5 days of lobbying and that has contacted any legislature for the purpose of persuasion along with receiving $1000 in compensation or $500 quad-annually ("LOBBYING IN TEXAS: A Guide to the Texas Law." LOBBYING IN TEXAS: A Guide to the Texas Law. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 June 2013 ). Lobbying benefits government because it is a pathway of action that the citizens of the country can take for the purpose of influencing government, but it can also corrupt government through...
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