Load Testing For Web Interface

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Load Testing for Webservices
Prerequisites – SoapUI 4.5.0 –Beta and LoadUI 2.1.1
The following document would test a web service for response and any amt of load(request hits) . Save the WSDL file for the Web Service to be tested on your local. Open SoapUI and create new SoapUI Project. Put a suitable name and browse the wsdl file of the web Service to be tested. The newly created web projet looks something like below.

1) Testing a Web Service for response
Go to Communication Channel Monitoring and start the communicationchannel for the data flow. In the SoapUI click on “request” , set valid username , password in the Request Property.Set valid sender details in the tab specified (here 200161593). Remove the ? in the response tab . Click the green button on the top leftof the request pane. The response should come on the right space of the Request pane and should like below.

2) Load Test for Webservice
a) Right click on request  Select “Add to testCase”

b) Right click on LoadTest(0)  Select “New LoadTest”

Set the no of “Threads” , the “timelimit” and ”testdelay” . One can also set the maximum no of request hit failures (Step Maximum). In order to do that click on LoadTestAssertions , click on + sign and choose Step Maximum.(as marked in the previous image) Load testing for the Web Service starts and can be seen on the right pane.

While Soap UI is mainly used to check the response , Load testing is done on by LoadUI .In order to do that Right Click on LoadTest  Convert to loadUI test case. A Load test automatically starts in the LoadUI . Here in the “Fixed load” tray , one can increase the number of hits by double clicking on “Load” and put the number of hits . The SoapUI runner loads the Test case that has been generated by SoapUI . It also shows the number of requests running , failed or completed. The entire statistics of the load test is visible on the statistics pane.

As the load test is in progress one can monitor...
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