Lmx Theory

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Coaching Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: August 25, 2011
The LMX theory suggests that when subordinates believe in themselves they become empowered to do better at a given task improving production and job performance. LMX theory has shown that leaders who motivate and offer subordinates tools to improve skills and gain confidence will result in employees performing better. In the case of a Tale of Two Coaches, there is strong evidence of the LMX theory in both case studies. Both Coach K and Coach Knight use motivational tactics and training to improve athlete’s abilities and trust. Through drills and practices subordinates gain confidence in there sport and feeds there will to play better by improving there skills and abilities. Both coaches used the tools of discipline, tough love and building relationships with players to gain trust and motivation. These tools are what the LMX theory suggests are part of the key factors to effective leadership.

For Coach K, his discipline consisted of drills, skills, practice, analyzing plays and strategies to help his team get to where they needed to be. Coach K went further to motivate and support players by making an effort to understand each player through communication by assisting them to get to where they need to individually and as a team. He did this by building trust through eye contact when he spoke to players. He also expected players to do the same when communicating with each other. Coach K’s personal coaching style of not using a whistle while confronting players built trust, reassurance and confidence among the team members because it displayed a more personal approach.. Coach K is a motivator of tough love; he used fear to motivate players by disciplining players who didn’t show respect for the team, program, school or others. Coach K instilled the importance of building character in his players which plays as a major factor in the LMX theory.

Coach Knight also showed evidence of the LMX theory by instilling discipline, rules, tough love, and developing...
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