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Student BYOD - Olathe Public Schools
Connecting a Personally-Owned Device to the District’s Wireless Network

Students may attach ONE personal electronic device to the District’s wireless network using the instructions below. This process will need to be completed only once for the school year. If the device of choice changes during the school year, you would need to repeat these steps for that device.

While onsite at a District site, connect your device to the wireless network labeled “OPS233 Guest”. Open a web-browser on your selected device.
The browser should automatically be redirected to a web page titled:
“Welcome to Olathe Public Schools Wireless Network Access” If this page is not displayed, click the browser’s Refresh button, or attempt to browse to any website. Example: (

Scroll down the page to the section titled “District Users”. Tap the link labeled Connect to Olathe Public Schools Secure Wireless Network. Follow the prompts to connect your device to the Secure BYOD network (OPS233Access) Directions vary from device to device. Follow yours carefully. If, during the process, you are warned that a Security Certificate is invalid or untrusted, tap CONTINUE.

Note: If you are using an Android device (including Kindle Fire), you will be directed to first install an application called “SmartPass Connect.”
Choose “Direct Download”.

Instructions for an IOS device (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)
If you are connecting an IOS device, a “success” message will likely display at the end of the process. In that message, you will be referred back to the device WiFi settings to manually select OPS233ACCESS. (This is often missed!)

~ Tap > Settings
~ Tap > WiFi
~ Tap the blue icon next to OPS233Guest and select “Forget Network.”
~ Select OPS233Access
This is unique to Apple IOS devices.
Most other devices automatically select that network.

Test your WiFi connection – it should be working!

If you need assistance, please consult with your teacher.
Staff may contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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