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Question 6: Malcolm and Mcduff are depicted in Act 4, in the English court. Shakespeare presents Malcolm as extremely suspicious and cautious, as he does not want to make the mistake is father did, by placing his entire trust, in untrustworthy person. Hence, Malcolm tests Mcduffs moral codes by lying and saying that he is loathsome and greedy and will abuse his power if crowned king, shown through the text “…. the cistern of my lust, and my desire. All continents impediments would o’erbear that did oppose my will.” However, Mcduff replies that he will leave for a different continent if be the case, demonstrating to Malcolm, Mcduffs moral codes. However, after Mcduff is presented with the knowledge that his wife, child and relatives have been murdered; the calm and peacefulness man behavior changes into an erratic and infuriated, powered by grief. Malcolm uses this situation as an opportunity to allow Mcduff to develop anger towards Macbeth, by saying, “ …let grief convert to anger…” with Mcduff replying, “Bring thou fiend of Scotland and myself; within my swords length set him,” showing that Mcduff, a calm and morally just person has turned into a grief-stricken soul, with nothing more than revenge fueling him.

Question 7: Macbeth is depicted in Act 5 as emotionless, mentally unstable, arrogant but above all a tyrant who will perform any act, no matter its indecency, to stay the king of Scotland. Macbeth is an agitated character in scene 3, when he is constantly told of nobles defecting to the English army and that his army consists of no more than 1,000 men. However, due to his mental instability he feels consoled by the witch’s prophecy, that he will be safe until the Woods of Birnam forest comes to Dunsinane. However as the act progresses he becomes more erratic in his behavior, when he storms out of the room cursing the doctor for being unable to cure his wife’s visions. Similarly, Macbeth is presented with emotionless behavior when he is told that his wife has committed suicide, he comments briefly saying, “she should have died hereafter, there would have been a time for such a word,” showing his annoyance, not sadness of the news. However, when he becomes solicitous that the witch’s prophecy will come true, Macbeths cruel mentality is portrayed. He without a second thought, slays Young Siward saying, “thou must be a man born of a women,” hinting at the witch’s prophecy but also showing his cruelty in mocking the dead. In scene 10, the audience is shown that Macbeth is corrupt with power and even with the knowledge of the castles defeat; he will not surrender but instead fight to his demise.

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