Liz Addison's Essay Two Years Are Better Than Four
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In the essay, “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, the author Liz Addison, who attended Piedmont Virginia Community College and Southern Maine Community College, shares her opinion on the importance of community colleges. She responses to Rick Perlstein who wrote “What’s the Matter with College”. Perlstein believes that community college doesn’t matter anymore and in response to that, Addison argues that community college still matters. Addison mentions that community college is better than university by describing how community college is a self-discovery place where students find out of who they are as people. Though I concede that a two-year college is better than four-year university, I still insist that a community college in my eyes is a …show more content…
They are easy to get into; as long as students have their high school diploma. Also, they are a good opportunity for families in any sort of financial condition. As the prominent philosopher Addison puts it, “They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream” (258). Her point is that community college will always be there to give a chance for people who want to learn, but cannot afford to attend a university. Addison’s theory of community colleges is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of students getting accepted into universities right away or financial problems that students face with. Addison overlooks what I consider an important point about the differences between universities and community colleges. Since university is more expensive than community college, many people have a lot of debt, and they have trouble on finding a job to pay that debt. It would be better to go to community college and get all the prerequisites or get a college degree, get a job, then save money for a university to get a higher level. That way we don’t have to worry about all the

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