Living Without Tv

Topics: Sociology, Muscle, Talk show Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Television is an important part of modern life, one we can hardly imagine living without. If I were forced to live without television, however, I would pursue other interests, socialize with friends and family, and exercise more often.

Without TV in my home, I would have time to pursue other interests. For example, I love to play the piano and without the distraction of TV, I would have more time to practice. At other times, I could paint portraits of my family and friends. Painting takes a lot of time and if I had no television, I would surely have enough to complete my work. Time to follow my interests would be much easier to find if someone came and took away my TV.

Not only that, but I could find much more time to socialize with my friends and family if my TV disappeared. At my house, the TV is always on during dinner. As a result, we rarely have conversation with one another. Without the TV to interfere with us, we might have time to tell each other about what happened to us that day. In addition, we could more easily find more time to talk with old friends on the telephone. Thus, social time would increase with no TV.

Most importantly, lacking a TV would give me a big increase in the available time for exercise in my life. With extra time, I could make the long journey to Bowen Island and go on an enjoyable hike in the mountains. Another exercise I could do more often would be to go swimming or to an aerobics class at Bonsor Community Centre near my home. Having more exercise would provide big health benefits to me; watching more TV will only develop my bottom muscle.

Exercising frequently, socializing with friends and family, and pursuing other interests would be the benefits of having no TV at my home. Just think how much more time I would have if I got rid of my computer, too!
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