Living with Our Genes

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Brain Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The book Living with Our Genes: The Groundbreaking Book About the Science of Personality, Behavior and Genetic Destiny starts with The Genetic Roots of Personality in which is states the dictionary definition of personality is, “the sum total of the mental, emotional, social, and physical characteristics of an individual” and that it is in fact personality that determines the way you react to others, the way you communicate, the way you think and express emotions. The thrill is what gets a lot of people to do things that they normally wouldn’t do. The excitement that they get and the chase is what causes people to do things that are out of the ordinary. While a person can get satisfaction from living fast and being gregarious and always surrounded by friends a person can also get satisfaction from being more contemplative and preferring solitude and evenings home with a book can both describe themselves as content because their satisfaction did not come from things outside them like the things they did or the people they saw but from within. The difference between them is not how they spent their time but how their brain reacted to what they did. Worry is able to take a big toll on your health because exhibiting high levels of unhappiness, irritation, worry, and social inhibition, are at a substantially greater risk for poorer outcomes, including death, when they face cardiac problems. According to research it has been shown that those who have the best chance of staying away from heart disease and surviving heart problems are people who exhibit high levels of openness to new experiences, feelings, actions, and ideas. Anger is a normal emotion with a wide range of intensity, from mild irritation and frustration to rage. It is a reaction to a perceived threat to us, our loved ones, our property, our self-image, or some part of our identity. Anger is a warning bell that tells us that something is wrong. Anger has three components which are the physical reactions...
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