Living Trend of Young People in Vietnam

Topics: Emo, LGBT, Homosexuality Pages: 7 (2880 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Internet entered Vietnam in 1997 and developed most rapidly from 2003 to 2006; according to the figure of internet user in Vietnam, the number of users increased five times (from 804,528 users in 2003 to 4,059,392 users in 2006) in this period.(Dammio) Then, the business model of internet coffee shop started spreading all over the country and this was the time when Vietnamese young people were able to access to the internet. Internet has brought Western culture into Vietnam and changed the lifestyle of Vietnamese, especially the young people. In recent years, there is a growing tendency of young people living following a trend. In this essay, I would like to discuss further about this new problem of Vietnamese society. Living following a trend can be understood as that fashion, hobbies, behaviors and even feelings are affected by a trend existed in the society. In Western countries, subcultures have existed for quite a long time and become familiar with everyone. As internet appeared, these subcultures also entered Vietnam along with the music and fashion. Immediately, it created a huge wave of changing in the young people then. For example, 2007 was the year that emo really became a part of life that was admited by young people. Emo represents “a style of rock music characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics; it originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C” (Wikipedia). From a style of music, there was a lifestyle created. Young people, who follows the emo lifestyle, are called “emo kids”. They are usually highly emotional and have pesimistic view of life, they form groups and come together to express their feelings, share stories and even cry together. Emo kids are easily recognized with dark heavy eye make-up, dark deep black lips, colorful hair colors and lots of rings. In some countries such as Russia or Canada, there are now some emo group being very popular. However, when emo came to Vietnam, its nature was not well kept. Only a small part of emo-ers in Vietnam is naturally emotional and in need of sharing feelings, while the larger main part is known because of their ridiculous overeactions. Back then in 2007, there was limited resources for young people to get knowledge and update information about the world, so emo easily became a hot trend because of its strong impression and being an emo kid can quickly make one popular and well-known. But the dangerous thing happened then was that a large number of young people started to think being an emo kid was the definitely right thing to do and they wanted to prove their maturity by living like an emo kid. It was either good or bad, only the inside could understand. At the same time, some other subcultures, mostly from America, also entered Vietnam and became popular, such as Rap – Hip hop, Yuppie, Skateboarder or Punk Rock. These subcultures have been popular for a long time and created a new way of living and behavioring of young people. However, it is necessary to differentiate between these subculture and the living trend. Subculture means “segments of culture which (while reflecting the dominant aspects of the main culture) show different customs, norms, and values, due to differences in geographical areas or (within an organization) departmental goals and job requirements” (Business Dictionary) while the living trend discussed in this essay reflects the short-term orientation of life due to specific reasons and may be eradicated or replaced by other orientations soon. As rated on the Internet, the followings are the hottest trends of young people which are most concerned by the society. 1. “Aped and copied” lifestyle

Nowadays, young people are having a much easier life compared to their parents, but also life is more complicated and full of temptation that easily make young people fall in and totally atracted to a special or unique lifestyle to prove themselves. A few years ago, a kind of...

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