“Living, Loving & Learning”

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Cristian Hernandez
THE 1040 Paper
Professor Lindner

“Living, Loving & Learning”

Leo Buscaglia was born in Los Angeles, California to a family of Italians immigrants. For part of his childhood he lived in Italy before coming back to the United States to focus on his education. Surprisingly, Dr. Buscaglia served in World War II as part of the US Navy. He wasn’t involved in the combat of the war; his responsibilities were more in the military hospital where he was part of the dental section where he would assist in reconstructing wounded soldiers’ faces. His educational work experience began at the university where he received his bachelor’s, master's and doctorate degrees, the University of Southern California. While teaching at the University of Southern California one of his students committed suicide and this tragic event was the start of Leo’s “Love 1A” course where he would educate students about love and the meaning of life and it was even the basis for one of the books he wrote.

Dr. Buscaglia was a very accomplished and well-liked author and teacher. He authored a number of New York Times bestselling inspirational books on love and human behaviors, including The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, Bus 9 to Paradise, Living Loving and Learning, and Love. His main objective in life was educate people to overcome social and mental barriers that inhibited the expression of love between people, from family to acquaintances to the disabled, institutionalized, and elderly, to complete strangers. This was a subject matter many people could relate to and a main reason why by 1998 his books had reached eighteen million copies in print in seventeen languages.

In his book “Living, Loving, & Learning,” Dr. Buscaglia hit many points of interest for me. He begins the book with a chapter entitled “Love as a Behavior Modifier” where he gets into the subject of love. One quote that will stick with me from this chapter is “as individuals we must...
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