Living in a Frictionless World

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Living in a world without friction:
1.Problems that could occur in a frictionless world:
One of the most known problems would be that everything will slip; there will be no friction helping the object to stay in place. One example is when you are walking, you will slip a lot because there is no friction between the ground and your foot (or what you are wearing on your feet). Another example is that you cannot hold anything; everything you try to hold will slip off your hand. Another very dangerous issue would be when you are driving a vehicle; the vehicle will never stop moving unless it crashed into something. There will no longer be any air resistance if friction does not exist on Earth. Thus, any meteorite that is falling towards Earth’s surface will have no air resistance to create friction which generates heat. Henceforth, the meteorite will not lose any volume. This will make life a lot more dangerous when a meteorite is crashing onto Earth. Another concern will be that you cannot digest any of your food; this is because it requires friction for your body to digest food. Also, whatever you digest in your body will immediately exit your body because there is no friction to hold it in your body. Thus, human will not be able to survive for too long without friction. 2.Steps to help humankind to survive and function:

As stated above, human will not be able to survive for so long without friction due to the fact that their body cannot digest food or store any ingested solid or liquid. Thus, it is require that they move to another area (parts of the world where there is still friction). Or what human could do is build restaurant in that area where there is friction for people to eat. This way, if the people eat there, their food could be digested. They should stay in that area for a couple of hours (long enough for their food to be digested).
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