Living in United States of America

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Leaving in United States of America.
Leaving far away from my Family can be very tough, especially if you are not mature enough yet. But I thank god he gave me enough strength to not give up and get done what I came for in this country. I was an out of control teenage, with no directions or discipline in life. Of course I have wonderful parents, but they were so busy that they couldn’t really teach us the principals of life. I grew up in a small village on the North of Madagascar called Andapa. Somehow when I was 5 years old, my parents decided that I will go to dorm in another town 3 hours from my hometown for me to get better education. We can say that I was independent since I’m 5 years I learned most of the things by myself. First of will tell how my life was before coming to U.S and after that how leaving couple of years in U.S changed my life. Before coming to U.S I was a very wild, silly and non-grateful child. I didn’t really appreciate all the things my parents have done for me. I got kicked out of high school, just once though! Hopefully got accepted to another school but nothing really changed on me. I was doing well with my classes so I could finish high school in fast track. I was really tired of being treated like a child. And got the scholarships to come to U.S, Houston at North American College. It’s only later on that I understood why I was so wild and so angry inside of me. It was because of the people I was associating with. There was no week-end that you’ll not find me at bars or Night Clubs. In the beginning my father didn’t want me to come to U.S, but I understood why. Still I wasn’t willing to give up, because it was a dream coming true to have the opportunity to come to U.S. So I talked to my mum and somehow she convinced my father. My two first year in Houston was very tough for me. I had to manage my money. A very new thing for me! So I stopped most of the things that I used to do like smoking, drinking, most of the night life, because...
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