Living in the Future with Robots

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i dream to have a robot. the robot would have two brains and ten hands,because it can do many things at the same time ,it can help my mom to do the housework,so that my mom can relax after come back home.the robot can help me solve the problems which is difficult for me,it can teach me like a teacher.i will like the robot because it help our family a lot . ********************************************************************** Robot (Robot) is automatic implementation of the robotic device. Acceptable to the human command and the robot can also be arranged in advance the implementation of the procedure can also be formulated in accordance with the principles of artificial intelligence program action. Robots to replace or assist the implementation of the human work, such as manufacturing, construction, or dangerous jobs.

Robots can be advanced integrated control theory, mechanical electronics, computers, materials and products of bionics. Currently in industry, medicine and even the military have important applications in such areas.

Europe and the United States that: the robot should be controlled by a computer program with can be changed through the arrangement of multi-purpose automatic machinery, but Japan does not agree. Japanese think "is that any advanced robot robot", which is subject to the kind of manipulation of a person include a manipulator. Therefore, many Japanese robot concept, is not defined by European and American people.

Now, the international concept of robots has been gradually becoming more similar. Generally speaking, people can accept the argument that the robot is on its own ability to achieve power and control various functions of a machine. The United Nations Organization for Standardization adopted the robotic U.S. Robotics Association addressed the definition: "a programmable and versatile, used to move materials, parts, tools of Caozuo machine; or Weile perform different tasks and Ju Youke change and specialized system programmable action. "

The evaluation of the robot, including: intelligence, that feeling and perception, memory, calculation, comparison, identification, judging, decision-making, learning and logical reasoning; function, that flexibility, versatility, or possession of such space; physical energy means the power, speed, continuous operation capability, reliability, combined with nature, life and so on. Therefore, it can be said robot is a biological function of three-dimensional coordinates of the machine room. With the development of society, the social division of labor is getting smaller, particularly in modern mass production, the others simply twist a day on a site with a nut, some people is the day after another thread, like the movie " Modern Times "in the presentation, as people continue to feel alienated in the various occupational diseases have been released. So there is a strong wish to use a machine instead of their own work. So people developed a robot to replace those who complete the boring, monotonous and dangerous jobs. As the robots come out, so part of the workers lost their jobs, so the robot had been hostile. "Robot posts, people laid off." Not only in our country, even in some developed countries like the United States, some people hold this idea. In fact, this worry is unnecessary, and any advanced equipment, will increase labor productivity and product quality, create more social wealth and also must provide more employment opportunities, and this has been proved by the history of human production. The emergence of any new things are advantages and disadvantages, but advantages outweigh the disadvantages, was soon recognized by the people. The emergence of such vehicles, which not only won the part of the rickshaw pullers, porters in the business, often a car accident, a threat to human life and property. Although people have seen the cars these shortcomings, it's become an indispensable means of transport of daily life. , A leading British...
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