Living in the Country

Topics: City, Happiness, Personal life Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Taher AL-Hadhrami
Living in the Country
Have you ever lived in the country? Many people prefer living in the country more than living in the city or in the suburbs. I was born and grew up in the country, so assuredly I would rather live in the country. I remember my home in the country, each morning, people walk along the road or go walk around the gardens to breathe in the fresh air. Also, the country can offer one thing that cities or suburbs can’t which is silence. The reasons that make me prefer living in the country are the landscapes away from the pollution of the city, traditional lifestyle, and less traffic. First of all, the country can offer a healthier environment. It has many things such as old buildings and old trees that make the country look very beautiful and exciting to live in. For example, you can enjoy walking in the rustic farms and in the beautiful green gardens. Also, in the country there are not many factories and enterprises as in the city or suburbs, so the air is not polluted and less noisy. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about your health condition, because in the country the air and water are clean. For instance, we can live in our own house with our own private garden in the country and with our own source for natural water. Another aspect that makes me prefer to live in the country is people lead a more traditional lifestyle. I like this quality in the country because it is less common than in the city or in the suburbs. Also, the city has cultural diversity. For example, in the country women usually wear simple clothing, but in the city and suburbs women wear beautiful and modern clothes. Moreover, in the country people are friendly and generous. For instance, people help each other in any events that occur and always act like a big happy family. As an illustration for that, people in the country work together to harvest crops. In simple terms, the people in the country are less stressed and happier because...
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