Living in Sin

Topics: Love, Woman, Girl Pages: 4 (1517 words) Published: March 20, 2014
Living in Sin is a poem that I feel encompasses the majority of young unguided women today. The type of woman I speak of, are the ones with the dreams of fairy tales and magic. Stories of love and happy endings. The unrealistic, with never a thought of anything other than that things are perfect and if they are not then they will eventually be. Such as the character in the poem, if she could tell her story before the poem, what would it be? That she wanted love? Maybe she wanted happy ending with romance and laughter? Yet, we do not get to hear of her story before this point and we are only but visitors of her present time and what a sad time it seems. This young lady starts off with misguided thoughts of how her home would clean itself, of how are relationship, like her home, is ever enduring. That with little upkeep, all would simply be and not only exist, but be perfect, for within her mind, even the furniture that resided within was purchased by a couple in love. Is that not the most young woman’s dreams? To live in a beautiful residence, with fine handpicked furniture, purchased with someone they love? To cherish every item as each one held, even if false, a happy memory? It’s the Cinderella story, easy to get wrapped up in and why not? Most girls dream of prince charming, the castle, and true love. Despite wanting such, the woman in the poem, deep down inside, knows better, for every once in a while the walls of her false world shimmer, allowing reality to penetrate her self-created world. She knows, when facing this reality that the home she resides in is far from perfect, just as her relationship, for the man she is with is no price charming. They both need work, like the pipes in the walls as they creak, in need of repair and the window panes that are covered with grime and needing nothing more than a good scrubbing. Yet, like some young women, they do not want to believe what they see. The woman in the poem is no different as she simply refuses...
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