Living in Divergent

Topics: Environment, Recycling, Health care Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 28, 2015
To our loyal citizens,
Living in Divergent, there once came a terrible snowstorm. Usually around this time period the weather began to over-freeze. This weather actually did a lot of horrible damage. Due to the people, some survived, but everyone didn’t. Regardless of this, many lives were believed to be forever damage. However after 20 years have passed by The city Divergent has come along way. Houses, Churches, bakery’s, malls, etc are now better than before. The population has increased, even health care is now provided.

Living in Divergent can be very difficult sometimes with how citizens continuously request for specific care. Nevertheless, citizens in Divergent will never have to worry about going hungry. Contributing to no one starving all meals in Divergent will be healthy. Divergents new laws such as the new Family Meal Plan Organization has been added to the system. This organization will help our citizens each have a healthy meal approved to better each family in a positive way.

The mayor, assistant secretary, and president of (FMPO) will manage everything . Yes, it is fair because those three people contribute to important things in our country. Major is very trustworthy and they are over everything in our country and make sure everything is going right . The assistant secretary is under the major and helps them with things when they are very busy with something else . And the president of (FMPO) helps people have healthy meals even though it has to be applied .

Divergent has decided to help increase the population in our city. Living in Divergent after the terrible snow storm has decreased our population in the worse way. Now that we’re back on our feet our newly wed citizens have agreed to help contribute to making our population grow. Also old citizens who have specific family members who are in need of a place to move to can be flyed here to divergent and become apart of our world.

Divergent can become environmentally friendly by recycling...
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