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Living in Big City

By tspkevin May 04, 2013 294 Words
Living in small town
Nowadays, more and more person trend to immigration into the big city. They believe that there will have more opportunity, there could let them see more of the world, and they may have a decent job if they living in a big city. At the same time, they will face various difficulty in their daily life. So, if let me choose, I would select living in small town. Maybe you will have more opportunity if you living in a big city. More opportunities means there will be more competition and the greater pressure. People who live in a big city are so busy with eating, working, sleeping, and making friends, while people living in small towns lead a slow life. They have a regular timetable, for they don’t enjoy those quick-fixes. They always want to see more of the world. However, in big cities, blocked traffic makes people can't breathing. Traffic lights are one indispensable part of their lives. There are different totally in small towns in fact. Middle-boarded streets and not so many cars are the impression in their minds about traffic. Last but not the least is that the possibility of getting a decent job in big cities than in a small town are much smaller. Because there’re much more competition than in a small town. The most important is that, in small town, there needs talents. However, in big cities, there are all kinds of talents. From what I listed, we can easily draw conclusion that living in big cities are different from living in small towns in lifestyle, transportation, and decent jobs. So now, I really want living in a small town to build a kind of lifestyle which are belongs to myself.

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