Living in an Apartment or Living in a House

Topics: House, Apartment, Renting Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Throughout life I have stayed in many different places. Moving from the Philippines, Georgia, and then Texas has given me the opportunity to live in a wide variety of residences. My family and I have experienced residing in both apartments and houses. We have observed many differences in the two choices of homes and have become very knowledgeable of life in both dwellings. Living in an apartment or living in a house? When you are trying to save money and only have so much to spend each month, a lot of people would choose to rent an apartment. When renting an apartment, you choose to live in a smaller space and agree to all of the terms and conditions of a lease. Following these lease agreements may sometimes involve paying an additional amount to house a pet or to park in a specific spot. Renters must abide by all rules enforced by the apartment complex. Living in an apartment is not just following rules and paying rent, it can also provide many great things. Many people that are renting apartments are unable to afford essential appliances such as a washer and dryer or oven. Usually an apartment can either provide you with these necessary appliances or they will give you the option to rent them. With these issues taken care of, all you have to worry about is paying the rent, electricity, and the food you are eating. Apartments are ideal for an individual who is in need of a place to stay temporarily. While living in an apartment home, you will have to deal with the noises being made by your neighbors who live next-door as you are trying to sleep. Little annoyances like this may be a huge inconvenience to you if you have work the next day or need to study for a test in the morning. Some people crave an environment with more privacy or a bigger yard for their pets or children to run around in. When I was living in an apartment with my family, the apartment was too crowded for such a big family like mine. My parents could only bear to stay in the apartment for a...
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