Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Topics: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, First Lady of the United States Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: May 4, 2013
“Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton

The book Living History is an autobiography which is written by Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was published to the world in 2003 to prepare the American individuals of her run for the presidency. When Hillary Clinton was asked why did she choose to write everything since her girlhood through her Senate election days, and her reply was that, she started writing the book Living History since her days as the first lady but then she realized that her life as a first lady could not be explained unless she went all the way back to the beginning with her readers.

The book entrails the life of Hillary Clinton from her teenage days spent in the suburbs of Chicago through her days of election which led her to the senate. The book caters to both the supporters and the detractors of Hillary Clinton. To start with the latter of the two categories of the followers, the chapters of the books that provides fuel for the detractors’ of Hillary are the chapters which cover the Whitewater investigations, the chapter which covers the period of her life which entrails Monica Lewinsky , the chapter which covers her failure to form an effective and efficient taskforce to overcome the healthcare problems pertaining within the United States of America, and the chapter which entrails the worst episode in the life of Bill Clinton as the President of the United States and her reaction to impeachment. The chapters which fodder the supporters of Hillary Clinton are going to be the ones pertaining, about her graduation speech at Wellesley which was her introduction to fame at a public level; the chapter which covers her time which describes her role as the First Lady; the chapter which covers the trip which she made to China and the famous speech she gave there, and the chapter which covers the conversations she had with Eleanor Roosevelt. Most of the book is written in a neutral tone, and most of the book is personal impressions of Hillary on...
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