Living Alone

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Living Alone Could you imagine coming home to a strange person crashing on your couch? I can only imagine how disgruntling that would be. This and other scenarios alike are not acceptable in a place you pay for. That scenario can be avoided in one simple step: Living alone. Although living with other people has its advantages, living alone can be freeing, save a lot of money, and be an a lot safer place There are also many reasons living with roommates or family can be positive. You can be less vulnerable to threats. It can save money if its split two or three ways. Also, being very lonely isn’t even a possibility. You could definitely throw a lot of parties with more people your roommate will invite. You can always have someone who has your back physically and emotionally. There are many ways roommates or family is positive for money. Although there roommates and family around is good but living alone is a better alternative. Freeing you ask? You can walk around with clothes optional! How much more free can it get. You can throw parties 7 days a week if you choose. Money can be spent on whatever and however much within budget. Interior design is only decided by you. The sense of freedom after paying bills you worked hard to pay off. Also you can bring home anyone without someone else there to bother you. Living alone is definitely more free than having more people around

All of the money saved can be spent on things for you to live in lust. After all a two bedroom apartment is a lot more expensive than a one bedroom apartment. Groceries are a lot cheaper if you only buy for one person. No one can tell you what to purchase so shopping frugally is an option. You can live an extremely expensive lifestyle or cheap lifestyle without anyone in your ear. Everything you can do to save can be done. Utilities are cheaper when used by only 1 person. All in all living alone is a better way to save money opposed to other options. What is going to happen if the

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