Living After Almost Dying

Topics: Drug addiction, Personal life, Doctor Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Margot Phillips
Instructor John Wright
English 101
1 March 2011
Living After Almost Dying
The word miracle is a word that is rarely awarded to a human being. Even when the word has been used, it may not be appropriate for the situation. However, the story of Tommy Smith and his battle for life, as well as his rejuvenation, proudly deserves the title. Tommy had the courage to keep fighting against all odds to overcome a drug overdose, along with several other challenges while being treated in the hospital. The life of Tommy Smith was forever changed on that day and has turned completely around since. Tommy now has a different look on the world and now has a newly gained sense of confidence and a new path to follow in life.

Tommy Smith has always been a party animal and never afraid to try something new as long as he is in good company and the mood is right. Tommy was probably amongst the first people in his early school career to try alcohol and drugs. These choices led to a mischievous lifestyle filled with occasional interferences with the law. These interferences included getting caught several times for stealing alcohol from local supermarkets and gas stations. Tommy’s lifestyle attributed to these crimes and his need for reckless fun was apparent even to his friends.

When Tommy was in high school, his father passed away. Tommy seemed to block out his depression as he continued to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. Marijuana posed as a gateway drug for Tommy and led to experimenting with other substances such as ecstasy and cocaine. Although he was never addicted to these drugs, he may have actually been addicted to this new and exciting lifestyle. Tommy was the life of any party and was always the one to take it to the next level. Because of this busy way of life, Tommy’s grades were starting to drop.

After successfully graduating high school, Tommy continued to live and work in Chicago. He lived in several different places with...
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