Living Abroad

Topics: Thought, Sunset, Personal life Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Living in Another Country

Living in an international enviroment is challenging and overwhelming. Expats like me struggle in adjusting to the way of living here. Mingling with the same expats who came here abroad makes it easier because we shared same feelings, same problems and culture shock. Living in another country is tough and sharing experiences to people who can understands it very well has a comforting effect.

Everybody who decides on living in a foreign country needs some time to adjust to their new environment. To a person who lives in a tropical country, whether it's cold or hot season the sun sets usually at six o'clock or six-thirty p.m. in the evening. Here in Arizona during summer I've experienced that the sun is still up to eight o'clock in the evening and the sunsets around nine o'clock in the evening. I really found it very amusing and shocking.

Even though my entire life I thought that I already know so much of the Western culture but there is so much more to discover. In the country where I came from stranger's doesn't greet each other casually , they will think something is wrong with you or else the other person will feel threaten when greeted by a total stranger. Here in America it was different, we greeted each other casually and in a nice manner as a sign of respect or you acknowledge them. My husband told me about this and not to be snobby at the people around or feel scared because it's natural for them. I believe that there's always nice and friendly people out there despite of the busy lifestyle of Americans.

Finally, be open to new experiences and be ready to face the unexpected. You are living a great adventure and learning valuable life lessons. One way or the other, you will grow to become a stronger person from this experience. Make your decisions carefully and believe in yourself.

Living an expat life is full of surprises, sometimes wonderful, sometimes not so wonderful. It’s hardly ever dull, it’s very often...
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