Lives of the Saints

Topics: Family, Wife, Mother Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Females are the ones who do all work at home. They have to cook, take care of children, and be the ones who represent men. In the novel Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci, Cristina is a bad role model, because she is a bad wife, does not really take care of her child, and she is a bad daughter.

Cristina does not love her husband, and represents him in a bad way. First of all, Cristina cheats on her husband, with another man. For example, in the book says
‘Where are you going?’ I asked her
‘I have an appointment.’
‘With who?’
With the man who cuts the birdies off boys who ask too many questions.’(Ricci, 2) This quotation shows that Cristina cheats on her husband with a blue-eyed man. After everyone knows about her having affair with another man, and gossiping about her. Cheating on a husband is very bad for the husband’s reputation; it shows that the husband, a head of the house, cannot control a woman. Which means that the husband is a weak person. Secondly, Cristina does not appreciate her husband’s help. For example, she does not take money that her husband sends to her: ‘I brought you something from your husband,’ he said after a pause he reached into an inside pocket and handed my mother an envelope… ‘What’s this?’

The man shrugged.
‘Something to get you through the winter.’
‘He sends me money through the band,’ my mother said. ‘He probably needs this more than I do…’ (Ricci, 96) In this example, Cristina shows that she does not need money from her husband, and she can take care of herself without his help. It represents her husband as a weak person that cannot help himself. Thirdly, Cristina gossips about her own husband. For example, Cristina talks to the husband’s friend:

‘I hear he’s living in a chicken coop.’
‘It’s a room attached to Umberto Di Menna’s barn,’ Alfredo said. ‘He must have told you in his letters. They fixed it up so he has water and electricity.’ ‘ he doesn’t tell me anything in his letters,’ my mother said. ‘he only...

Cited: Ricci, Nino. Lives of the Saints. Toronto: Cormorant Books Inc, 2008. Printed
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