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What is G84
The Conserts4
Who played?5
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Everyone knows about the situation in most part of Africa, they are bad. There are all kinds of help organisations who try to help the people who have to live in that continent. One of the biggest stars, who have been involved, is the front man of U2, Bono. He was one of the people who organised giant concerts that where held all over the world simultaneously called Live 8. Make poverty history. That is the messages that Live 8 wants to bring to the world. Many people might have watched the concerts on television or, at least, heard about them. There were hundreds of names who appeared all over the world, showing how they care and collecting donations. But Live 8 is so much more than just a simple fundraising. How It All Began

On the second of July 2005, 10 concerts were held across the globe simultaneously and one additionally on the 6th of July. They were benefit concerts where 150 bands and 1250 musicians performed for free. Over 30 million people from all around the world put their names on the Live 8 list which was presented to Tony Blair, as chair of the G8, by council of Live 8 and the Global Call to Action against Poverty. This was all done to make it clear to the rulers of the world how stupid and immoral poverty was in the world and how people were not putting up with it anymore. The concerts were held in the G8 states and in South Africa. This was a part of a British campaign called “Make Poverty History” and the Global Call of Action Against Poverty. Their goal was to stress world leaders to drop the debt of the world poorest lands, raise and advance aid and agree to fair trade rules in the interest of poorer nations. Live 8 was held to celebrate the anniversary since Live Aid which was held up to date 20 years before. Live Aid, Band Aid and Live8 were all organised by Bob Geldof. Geldof is a known Irish singer, songwriter and actor who is also a political activist. He is best known as one of the members of the rock band The Boomtown Rats and he also starred as Pink in Pink Floyd’s film “The Wall”. When Geldof announced that Live 8 would take place many former acts offered their service to the cause, as they did in Live Aid. Some referred to the event to Live Aid 2 but Geldof and co-organiser Midge Ure did not think of the event to be the same as Live Aid. What is G8

The name is short for the Group of Eight. It is an international discussion for the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, US and the EU. Once a year one of the countries hosts a meeting for the heads of government, except for the European Union because even if it is represented within the G8 it cannot host or chair. The 8 stands for the number of countries that meet but it used to be called G6. That was when the six most populous European countries met. Those countries were Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Poland. The G6 still meets semi-annually. The G8 is intended to be an unceremonious meeting, and it therefore lacks a managerial structure like those for intercontinental organizations. The presidency of the group rotates annually among the member countries. The country holding the presidency per year holds a few smaller meetings each year for ministers responsible for various portfolios to discuss issues of mutual or global concern. Then there is one big meeting for the heads of government. At the meeting there are many important issues discussed. Including topics like “health, law enforcement, labour, economic and social development, energy, environment, foreign affairs, justice and interior terrorism and trade”. The Conserts

The big event was on 2 July 2005. Then the 10 simultaneous concerts were held...

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