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Topics: Meaning of life, Memetics, Human Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: September 15, 2014
As far as we know humans are considered the most intelligent species on our planet. However, the ability of study and imitation makes us different from others. In human’s life, copying and seeking abilities from the surrounding exist in every period. For example, airplanes, electricity, radar and so on that make our lives achieve a huge progress are imitations of some characters of animals and nature. In “Strange Creatures” Susan Blackmore expounds the importance of imitation. Meanwhile, the implication of “meme ” is also mentioned in this essay. “Meme” which is defined “As ‘something’ that can then be passed on again and again and so take on a life of its own.”(Blackmore, 34) is regarded as the key things that makes human different rather than the higher intelligence. Blackmore thinks that memes are stored in human brains and passed on through imitation. Human life is permeated through and through with memes and their consequences. Imitations are created in cultural contexts, which requires common, social understanding. An imitative narrative would have not worked, if the audiences would not understand some joke’s intertextuality or even the whole idea of this complaisant nature. The meme, analogous to a gene, was conceived as a "unit of culture" which is "hosted" in the minds of one or more individuals, and which can reproduce itself, thereby jumping from mind to mind. Thus what would otherwise be regarded as one individual influencing another to adopt a belief is seen when adopting the intentional stance as an idea-replicator reproducing itself in a new host. However imitation is also given a special meaning that “memes jump from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation’(Blackmore,36). Lauren Slater’s Dr. Daedalus takes us through a few days of the plastic surgeon, Dr. Rosen’s life and many of his extreme ideas. He introduces the reader to some of his eccentricities and patients. He wants to use plastic...
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