Live Your Life

Topics: Wheel, Two Lane Highway, In My Eyes Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: July 22, 2010
“Live Your Life”
We are never promised the honor to live the next day; we are never guaranteed tomorrow. You can not live regretting your decisions. You must live in the moment or the moment is wasted. The one you love more than words could describe could be gone tomorrow; the reason they are gone could get locked up. Lose focus and look away, what you turned to see can be the last thing you saw before you life flashes before your eyes. Your next breath you take in could be your last. We all realize these things at our own pace; we all have experiences that open our eyes to reality; mine were all crammed into one dramatic week. “Everything happens for a reason, but I think it's important to seek out that reason - that's how we learn” as said by Drew Barrymore.

Christopher did not get along with my ex and dear friend, Alexander. They always argued about practically everything you could think of; among their list of disagreements the most common debates were about me, how Alexander treated me, and his disrespect toward women. The arguments almost always led to brutal fist fights; this time it went too far.

I was driving down highway 20 after picking up my friend, Jillian, in Upperlake when i received the horribly shocking news. Christopher’s girlfriend, Savannah-Kay, called me to break the news to me. She had not called me in a while; I ignored the first two calls but when I saw she was calling me a third time, which she never calls more than twice unless she absolutely needs to talk to you, I knew it had to be something urgent. I reached to answer the call and with a worried voice said, “What’s wrong? What happened? Please don’t tell me it’s Christopher!”

She sighed than said, “It is. Are you sitting down? I think you should be sitting down for this.”
“Im driving. What is it? Tell me!”
“Christopher and Alexander got into fight again.”
“Oh, you had me really scared don’t do that.”
“Laura! They won’t being fighting anymore though; Alexander ended...
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