Live to Eat

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Dieting Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: May 7, 2008
“ Live to eat.......that's what I believe and practice”. Although most of you might be thinking that my topic seems to be much weaker as compared to the topic in opposition, “Eat to live”, as we go forward in this healthy debate, I will try to put across constructive points to prove “Live to Eat” is a better option.

Before I begin with the actual debate, let us look at the statistics related to eating habits of people in today's world, which gives a wrong picture of the section of the society which 'lives to eat'.

---Why we choose what we eat ?(Source-US FDA, 2008 )::
85% go for TASTE!! Still the number one reason! Out of the remaining, some look for convenient eating, others eat what is affordable. Some are influenced by heavy advertisement and some overeat under stress. Surprisingly, some people also eat unhealthy because they don’t know what is healthy.

---What is most liked by people in eating?
In this category, junk food takes the lead. Majority of the Americans are reported to eat more junk food they should, often 19% and sometimes even 36%.

---Who eats where and how often?
66% eat a meal in a restaurant at least once weekly. Fast food intake is highest in males (47%) vs. females (35%). Also 59% of 18-29 year olds eat fast food at least once a week. To summarize the above statistics, we can say that majority of the people still eat to satisfy their taste buds. Junk food intake has gone up and is growing rapidly. Eating out and having fast food seem to be easier alternatives today.

Based on the above data, its clear that the phrase “Live to eat ” has been taken in a wrong notion. I would rather phrase it as “Live to eat.......but eat Healthy”.

– Eating healthy leads to sound health. It helps our body get the right amount of nutritional intake to keep it healthy and active. Cliched but very true, health is wealth. So, health should be the main priority of our life and to live healthy, we need to eat healthy. So, I fully justify...
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