Live Theatre Critique of Junie B. Jones

Topics: Junie B. Jones, Christmas, Theatre Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Live Theatre Critique of "Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" On Sunday November 20, 2011 at two o'clock pm, I went to the Nashville Children's Theatre to see a play that was written by Allison Gregory called "Junie B. in Jingle bells, Batman smells. The play was directed by Peter Vann. I choose to see this particular play because as a child, I enjoyed reading Junie B. Jones books. The author does a great job telling stories about Junie B. in a way that makes a child want to keep reading. As I was being seated, my initial impression was that the theatre was very small and simple. It wasn't fancy like most theatres. It reminded my of a high school auditorum. They had the stage set up like a class room for the scene they were doing first. The first part of the play was set up like an classroom, and the second part pf the play was set up like a bookstore. The pre-show music that was playing was soft chrismas music. Not much singing just mostly instumental. As I was expecting, there were more children then teenagers. Parents and grandparents were there, but as for ages that attended, it was mostly children. Before the show began, the producers asked everyone to turn off their cell phones and anything with a distracting light. The show was mostly dark so any bright lights would distract the play. The play ran smoothly nothung distratcing happened. The plot of the play was about a girl named Junie B. Jones who was stuck between buying gifts for others or herself. Her parents gave her enough money to go to the book store and buy gifts for her family. Once she went to the book store, she laid her eyes on something she wanted for herself. The toy was called a squeeze a burp. Meanwhile, in class the teacher decided for the students to draw names of others in the class to buy gifts for. With her luck, she drew May's name. May is a girl in Junie B. class that does not get along with her. They always fight and get in trouble. Junie B. just had to have that toy for...
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