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SPC 1017 Intro to Speech Communication

Live Speaker Critique (350 – 750 words)

This assignment is worth 100 points. Attend a public speaking event (e.g., a speaker on campus or at work, a school board or council meeting, a church service, a toastmasters meeting, etc.). As a member of the audience, observe and take notes on the verbal and nonverbal elements of the speaker.

Take notes on and observe the verbal communication and delivery skills of the speaker (including pitch, rate, volume, modulation, enthusiasm, etc.) along with his/her nonverbal communication skills such as eye contact, posture, gestures, facial expressions, etc. In addition, focus on the overall quality of the speaker’s presentation in terms of its introduction, conclusion, organization, main and supporting points, outside sources, and use of visual aids (if applicable).

Write a 350- to 750-word paper that includes the above information and answers the questions below as thoroughly and honestly as possible. This paper should be typed and stapled, and should include the total word count and date completed at the top of the first page. You do not need to retype each question, but please include the number of the question you are answering in your response.

1) Where and when did you go for this assignment? What was the name of the speaker? What was the topic of the speaker’s presentation (what did he/she speak about)? (10 points total)

2) What were three (3) of the speaker’s greatest strengths you noticed in observing his/her presentation? Describe and elaborate (explain)…(45 points total)

3) What were two (2) areas for improvement you noticed in observing the speaker’s presentation? Describe and elaborate…(20 points total) You must include two for full credit!

4) List at least one thing about the presentation you found surprising, interesting, or noteworthy (describe this and elaborate). (15 points total)

5) Taking everything above into...
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