Live Sound Setup

Topics: Loudspeaker, Microphone, Sound reinforcement system Pages: 7 (2278 words) Published: May 23, 2011

A PA system that is installed correctly and operates at its optimum level will allow a sound signal to travel from one or more microphones to a mixing console. At the mixing console all signals will be mixed together in the right balance and levels and sent out to an amplifier. The signals are then converted into much larger signals and sent to the speakers creating sound waves for the audience to hear. (Fry, 2005)

The aim of this report is to analyse by way of reference books, government occupational health and safety guidelines and various sound websites, the installation and operation of a PA system for a one night concert at Centrestage, Invercargill. The concert consists of a seven-piece funk band. While investigating the equipment required the following details will be considered: costings, sound equipment hire companies, venue size, venues audience capability, resulting sound produced from equipment, personnel required and safe working practices.


1. Cue Television Hire Agreement for Centre Stage Theatre 2. Stage layout from CUE
3. Stage layout for band
4. Power supply on-site
5. Audience capacity for venue
6. Loading area for all equipment
7. Cost of venue
8. Local sound equipment hire companies
9. Bands equipment they will supply themselves and sound equipment to be hired 10. Sound operator’s checklist

A venue hire contract is supplied for Centre Stage Theatre by Cue Television to outline the terms and conditions to the hirer. The hirer needs to notify CUE of times for sound checks, rehearsals and concert. It will clarify how and when all monies are to be paid over for the venue hire. The contract states the hirer’s responsibilities in regard to any other people – performers, and workers using the venue during the hire period. It outlines legal safety issues, emergency procedures and options for public liability insurance. The sound operator needs to liase with the venue manager regarding any specific hazards and risk controls in place for the protection of all people using the venue during the hire period. These will include issues such as fire exits and their design for prompt escape, emergency lighting to illuminate these exits and the awareness of hearing damage risks and their regulations and precautions as outlined in A guide for safe working practices in the New Zealand theatre and entertainment industry. (Blackburn, Conroy, Kyle, Peters, & Alan, 2007)

Damage liabilities, indemnity, timetable, fire, earthquake, copyright, and dispute clauses are all stated in the contract. A Limitation of Liability clause outlines how in the event of loss, damage, claim or expense arises due to the negligence of Cue, its servants or agents arising out of the contract, the amount that will be paid over to the hirer for CUE’s liability will be limited to the amount of the venue hire charge. See Appendice 1.

The stage layout is given out by CUE with the venue hire contract. See Appendice 2

With a stage layout and visit to the venue a judgement on whether the venue is big enough for the bands performance and their gear can also be made. The acoustics of the room plays a relevant role in the decisions made with regard to the particulars of the PA system chosen. As Centre Stage has been purpose built, for a small venue it appears to be a reasonably even sounding room. Knowing the audience capacity at Centre Stage is 315 will indicate how much power will be required of the PA system.

With this knowledge the sound operator will then be able to look at what equipment will be needed, the personnel required and give a quote to the band for doing the job. The quote is given with a contract for the band that would cover the same issues as outlined in CUE’s contract

When the contract is signed between the sound operator and band and any obligations have been carried out the stage layout with the band’s instrument and...
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