Live Mask; the Con's of Cosmetic Surgery

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Live Mask ; The Con's of Cosmetic Surgery

Last year 11.9 million people underwent cosmetic surgery, all striving for the same objective;

a "perfect" body that met the media standards. According to the American Society of Aesthetic

Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) there was a 44% increase in the amount of procedures performed in

the previous year and a whopping 465% increase since 1997 (Journal News) . For century's

cosmetic surgery has been around, even as far back as the Romans, however back in the

ancient days cosmetic surgery was used not for public image but as a method to treat heavily

mutated bodies and other serious health risks (wikipedia ) . Cosmetic surgery is a poor way to

improve ones self-esteem, it is in itself is a vile procedure that pushes it's victims to take

unnecessary risk causing them more pain then help. What many never truly consider are the

health risks that could result in permanent disfigurement and even death, or even the possibility

that there are alternatives to such radical procedures; however what many consider less is the

psychological repercussions from their family members and loved ones.

"After I wake up, is it going to hurt? If so how much?", "How long will it take me to recover

and for the scars to fade?" All questions that many patients ask, however not one of them ever

stops to think about the one thing that could change their lives more so then the surgery that

they are getting…the psychological repercussions they'll have to deal with. Though statistics

may tell them about the risks and costs of the surgery, not one statistic reveals the amount of

disappointment and pain my patients go through from the judgmental responses from families

and friends. (Journal News). Dr. Patrick J Byrne, director of the Division of Facial, plastic and

Reconstructive Surgery pointed out that "Our faces are how we identify ourselves and others

identify us. When facial changes occur, then, it's only to be expected there will be

psychological adjustments" (under the Knife, 76) . There are actually reports of close

relationships ending over disagreements of the individual's actions. To some they see is as an

easy way out with out having to diet or spend hours at the gym, other see the procedures as

being selfish and self centered. Doctors have admitted that some of their patients are getting

the body work done simply because they were pressured into it by their spouse or romantic

partner. Some people however become so obsessed with meeting perfection that they become

addicted to cosmetic surgery and the end results are not pretty, a prime example being the

famous pop star "Michael Jackson". As said by the Calvinists, "Do not change what god has

given you", meaning be happy with who you are, don't subject your body to dangerous

procedures that could not only destroy your social life but end your very life.

Imagine you're taking a warm bath, your body having just recovered from 2 weeks of

recovery after your latest cosmetic procedure, as you sink into the water you feel your still

open wounds stinging sharply. Glancing down you are met with a horrific sight, your very

flesh is sliding from your body, yellowed puss and blood stain the water….and there is nothing

you can do but stare hopelessly. This is the nightmare that the many victims of malpractice

faced. Of the 11.9 million who underwent surgery, 25 % of them suffered from terrible and

unexpected side effects, 10% suffered permanent disfiguration and 5% died from

complications ( NBC ). The task of finding an actual licensed surgeon is difficult and littered

with heavy risks that the doctor is not trained for the work his patients ask for. The prices of

cosmetic surgery can range anything from 5,600 to 3,200 for one procedure, those wanting

more work done can possibly have to pay up to 50,000...
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