Little Shop of Horrors

Topics: The Little Shop of Horrors, Theme music, Audrey Richards Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Little Shop of Horrors Critique
I. Plot
a. Descriptive
The plot of The Little Shop of Horrors is very captivating. As the play goes on, different people get fed to the plant one by one under different circumstances. Seymore in the end feels the worst when his love Audrey gets eaten by the plant and he regrets the fame and fortune that has come from it all. b. Prescriptive

The Little Shop of Horrors would have been better if Audrey had not been eaten by the plant as well and she could have lived happily ever after with Seymore. Also, Seymore should have fought more for the death of the dentist; I feel it came too easily to him. II. Character

a. Descriptive
i. Seymore is a good guy but, tries too hard to get fame and fortune and in the end loses everything because of it. ii. Audrey is a sweet girl but, wants too much to be loved and because of this settles for the wrong guys. The dentist that she is dating in the play ends up abusing her. b. Prescriptive

i. Seymore would have been a better actor if he had spoken up more. Some of the time, I felt like what he said was irrelevant. ii. Audrey would have been better if she would not have been so whiny throughout the whole play. She could have played her part and spoken up more. III. Theme

a. Descriptive
The theme of The Little Shop of Horrors is a comment as to the extremes people will go to in order to achieve success. From the beginning of the play, it seems that Seymore will do just about anything to achieve fame and fortune. He even feeds the plant his own blood until he is no longer able. As he gets desperate, he goes to Audrey’s abusive boyfriend with a gun ready to do anything to get food for his famous plant Audrey II. IV. Diction

a. Descriptive
Most of the people in The Little Shop of Horrors speak Northern English, although some of the people speak uneducated English. Some of the girls that were on the streets spoke of that and...
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