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Most students today wish that they could find some excuse to leave school early, but that’s just the opposite for the Little Rock Nine, they had to fight to get inside. Having to suffer through fear, hate, violence and humiliation was the day to day struggle. The “Little Rock Nine” were nine African American students who were asked to go to school at Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in a plan to desegregate the school. But instead this plan caused major controversy. Many people and parents of Central High School students were against integration, even the governor of Arkansas at the time, Orval Faubus, was opposed to the idea. The bravery of the Little Rock Nine made a big difference in gaining African American equality in the Civil Rights period, and led the way to how our school systems work today. The bravery of the Little Rock Nine was greater than any teenage kid of their time. First off, The night before the first day of school Governor Faubus announced on statewide television that if integration was carried out “blood will run the streets… I have called out the National Guard, the soldiers will not act as segregationists or integrationists, but will maintain order and protect the lives and property of citizens” (O’Neil 28). So the nine postponed their first day and was to wait until September 4th. Daisy Bates, who was a civil rights activist, president of the Arkansas National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and protector of the Little Rock Nine, asked for a police escort for the students on their first day of school. She informed almost all of the kids to meet her a few blocks away from the school that morning except for Elizabeth Eckford, who didn't have a telephone at the time. So Elizabeth went off to school by herself while the other kids went to meet Daisy. Once Elizabeth stepped off the bus she was greeted by and angry mob of segregationist protestors. Some protesters waved Confederate flags and others held offensive...

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