Little Rock Nine

Topics: Little Rock Nine, White people, Black people Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: March 30, 2011
The Little Rock Nine

The movie “The Little Rock Nine” is based on an event that happened in the 1950’s. The movie is based on the first time that a school allowed black students into an all white school.This event happened in Little Rock, Arkansas when a school allowed nine black teenagers into their school. In this essay you will read about the respect that the black students got at the beginning of the movie and the respect they got at the end, how society has changed today, how this relates to the Hebrews experience, how this relates to moral values, and my personal experience on this theme.

In the movie the nine black students got no respected at all. The students were treated the same as every other black person at this point in time. The black students took abuse and bullying that no other person would be able to take. They got pushed, threatened, excluded from events and even spit on. This was the respect they got when they first came to the school. The guards stationed around the school didn't even do much at times. They were afraid at times, because if they tried to retaliate they knew things would only get worse. Even people outside the school tried to get the students out of the school. There were rallies and marches, mostly led by parents, to get rid of the nine black students. Then things got even worse when bomb threats started coming in. Finally on of the students named Minnijean Brown started to fight back.

Minnijean Brown was the first of the students to be targeted to recieve the most abuse. It started one day when she was just heading to class and a group of girls blocked the door to her next class. She asked them politly to move and when they didn't she tried to move in between them, but she got pushed out of the way. That was the start of the incidents. Eventually Minnijean was expelled for dumping a bowl of chili on students head that was blocking her way and refused to move. Minnijean was upset by this because the...
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