Little Princess

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The most interesting book I read recently is "A Little Princess". Little Princess is called Sara Crewe; she is a student at Miss Minchin's fancy boarding school. When her rich father dies; she's left without a penny .Now Sara lives in the attic and works for crusts of bread. Only magic could make her A Little Princess!

Sara Crewe was born in India .Her father was so rich and her mother died when she was born. Sara left India and traveled to London when she was seven years old because India was much too hot for children and was not good for their health. In England, the weather was milder than in India so children could go to good school there and learn how to stand on their own two feet so that's why Sara was sent to London. Sara went to Miss Minchin School for young ladies, Miss Minchin looked unfriendly. After that, captain Crewe left England and Sara has spent every last minute with him. Sara began her life at Miss Minchin's school. She had a French maid named Mariette who helped Sara to put on her uniform. The oldest girl in school was called Lavinia who hated Sara because of her popularity. Sara was so helpful, she helped her friend "Ermengrade" to study French because she had troubles with her French lessons. At first, Miss Minchin pretended that she loved Sara Crewe because she wants her money. Sara was loved among her friends, she used to tell them stories at night and all friends loved her stories. One day, captain Crewe was so sick because he bought a land in which he spent all his money and he expected that there were diamonds in this land but to his bad luck there was no diamonds. At this time, it was Sara's birthday, Miss Minchin made a large party for Sara and she spent a lot of money to make this party. While Sara and her friends were enjoying their time in the party, a letter came. There were bad news in this letter and this bad news were that captain Crewe died and he did not leave any penny to his daughter Sara. Miss Minchin has gone mad when she heard this news because she had spent a lot of money in this party and she decided that Sara should work to pay her that money. She ordered Sara to take off her new fancy dress and wore black, torn clothes. She was forced to clean the house every day and sleep in the attic. Miss Minchin made Sara work hardly to neat the house and she was not kind to her. There was a friend of captain Crewe who was looking for Sara to take care of her and give her money because he discovered that the land was full of diamonds. One day a monkey jumped from next door to Sara's attic so Sara took the monkey to return it back and to her good luck, the owner of the monkey was the friend of his father who was looking for her. He was very happy to find her and she spent the rest of her life with him.

Many people of different languages and ages will enjoy reading this story because it is a about a brave girl who fought to get a penny in order to live that's why people will benefit from reading this story . I admired Sara Crewe after reading this book and I felt so sorry for her while reading. It is really interesting and it reflects our society because there are many poor children in the streets that need our care.

To sum up, A Little Princess is a great story of friendship and hope. It shows that all little girls can be princesses regardless of race or appearance. The year is 1914 and little Sarah is forced to go to a school in New York, after spending all her life in India when her father must fight for Britain in the First World War. Miss Minchin doesn't like Sarah because Sarah is imaginative and smart and Livinia doesn't like Sarah because she is a threat to her popularity. When a tragic problem arises Sarah is reduced to a servant girl her friends show her that she doesn't need to give up on life. This story is wonderfully heart touching with a great ending. I...
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