Little Princes Analysis: Child Trafficking

Topics: The Child, A. R. Gurney, Child Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Sarah Vachon
4 Aug 2013
Little Princes
Child Trafficking
Conor Grennan was able to show how horrific the issue of child trafficking is through his New York Times Bestseller Little Princes. He demonstrates how the problem affects the children and their families. Conor utilizes his autobiographical account to show how a simple guy from America can change the lives of many people across the world. Child trafficking is an international problem that more people need to become aware of. Through his novel, Conor was able to prove how harsh child trafficking can be, and also what he does to reconnect the families how they should be.

When Conor first arrived to visit the Little Princes home, he saw how many children there were who greeted him excitedly. They were overjoyed to welcome someone new into their home. He could tell that they were accustomed to volunteers being there to help, and he could see their love and happiness with that. The kids instantly found an attachment to Conor, because of how nice he was and also because of all the change he wanted to bring. Conor showed great generosity for the reason that he knew how much they had gone through and how much pain was associated with their lives at such a young age.

The man who went by the name of Golkka was one of the main people behind the issue of child trafficking. Nepal was going through many hard times because of the war. Golkka had told the parents of the little princes that he would rescue them and prepare them with better education. He made it sound to the parents that the little children would be emotionally rescued and have a better life. Grennan on page 84 says that “The worst the war got, the more families were willing to pay him to take children from the villages.” As challenging as it was to send their children off to someone else, they decided it was best for them to grow. Instead of saving the children like he promised, Golkka was doing the opposite. The parents of the little...
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