Little Prince/Princess Syndrome

Topics: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Reward system Pages: 7 (960 words) Published: April 9, 2014

A lot of children in Hong Kong are said to be suffering from `Little Prince/Princess Syndrome’. What advice would you give to those parents whose children are showing the symptoms (intervention)? What advice would you give to those parents who are worried that their children will in the future develop these symptoms (prevention)?


Nowadays, Hong Kong people have getting more attention to material life that lead to

a lot of children are suffering form `Little Prince or Princess Syndrome’.

The princess or prince syndrome is means children are spoiled, do not know the way

of the world and do not take care of self. It is seems the princess or prince in the fairy

tale. In their daily life, a lot of people are conniving and accommodating that made

them more rely on other peoples.In this essay, I am going to give some suggestion to

those parents whose children are showing and worried their children will in the future

develop these symptoms.


It was effective to improve the problem on children who are suffering fromlittle

princess or prince syndrome in the operant conditioning. Its means learning in which

probability of response is changed by change in its consequences. Also, the object

has voluntary to do the behavior.

Operant conditioning involves an association between a behavior and a consequence.

It is also called response-stimulus or RS conditioning because it forms an association

between the animal's response that behaviorand the stimulus that follows

consequences.(Skinner,1938)Its have four operant condition procedures, Positive

reinforcement, Negative reinforcement, Positive punishment and Negative


Moreover, the law of effect is a response that is followed by satisfying consequences

becomes more probable and a response that is followed by dissatisfying consequences

becomes less probable.(Thorndike,1898) Therefore, children will increase the

behavior to get the more reward . In contrary, children will reduce their behavior. We

should use the method appropriately. Now, I will give some advice on those parents

whose children are showing the symptoms.

If the children have been appeared the princess or prince syndrome, we can use the

positive and negative punishment to reduces the probability of a response occurring


Firstly, the positive punishment mean the behavior is followed by delivery of aversive

stimulus. For example, if children do not finish the housework, they will do more

extra housework.Therefore, children are less likely next time to unfinished the


The negative punishment is meansthe behavior is followed by removal of appetitive.

Such as, if a child do not tie the shoelaces or take a bath byself, parents will decrease

their pocket money. So, the child learns should tie the shoelaces or takes a bath by

self in the future.
Another method is extinction which is caused by the lack of any consequence

following a behavior. When a previously reinforced behavior is no longer reinforced

with either positive or negative reinforcement, it leads to a decline in that behavior.

For example, a child has always order people to give her water so the maid or parents

canignore her. So she will stop her behavior and go to gets water by herself.

To use the positive and negativepunishment, they will reduce the bad behavior and

changed be more individual and responsibility.


To prevent childrenwill develop the princess or prince symptomsin the future, the

following methodare the positive reinforcementand the negative reinforcementis

good for them.Reinforcement is means always increases the probability of a response


The positive reinforcement is means the behavior is followed by the delivery of an

appetitive stimulus.For example, the parent can praise or give some snacks to a...
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