little miss sunshine

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Little Miss Sunshine Analysis
Gabriela Rogers
Mesa Community College

There are a few different factors that come together and affect a person’s concept of themselves. A person’s own thoughts and interpretations are an important part of what makes that up. Different influences like the culture that we are part of can also shape how we are and how we see ourselves, as well as influences brought on my our close family members and friends. Naturally we also look to those around us to see how we compare in contrast to how they are, and develop out self-concept from that. In the movie Little Miss Sunshine, the main character is a young girl by the name of Olive who has the aspiration to compete in beauty pageants. From the beginning, the little girl shows to have a positive self-concept of what she can accomplish. Before the family decided to go on the trip, Olive’s dad asked her if she thought she was going to win. She replied that she did, so from that it was decided that they would go. Olive’s self-concept later began to change, and she started to question herself only after some comments that her family made about gaining weight and her ability to win.

Something that is a huge influence on Olive’s self-concept is her family. When the Hoover family was having breakfast at the diner, Olive’s dad took the opportunity to tell her about how she shouldn’t eat ice cream, or else she would get fat. This made a big impact on the way she saw herself. Later in the movie, Olive overheard her brother talking about how he didn’t think that she should do the pageant, because she was not “a beauty queen”. Comments like those led Olive to look at herself in a harsher way, to the point that she asked her grandfather if she was pretty. At the beginning, Olive showed to be almost oblivious of the differences between her and the experienced pageant competitors, which she later noticed and became a bit self-conscious over.

Olive grew up with...
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