Little Mermaid on Broadway Critique

Topics: The Little Mermaid, Performance, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Anthony DeFilippis4/28/08
Discover New York- Review of Little Mermaid Professor: Trickovic

The Little Mermaid

The Broadway play which I went to see was located at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater, 205 West 46th street. This is considered the heart of the theater district in New York City. The play which I saw was The Little Mermaid presented by Disney. As an 18 year old male, I was not very fond of seeing a Disney play but, my girlfriend wanted to see the show so, I had to come tag along. In the rest of this paper I will give a review of how my day went: Getting to the play, the theater, the play itself, the surroundings, the people, the audience’s response, and other aspects of the show.

The show started at 8pm, so I decided it would be good to leave my neighborhood at about 6pm to account for the traffic and finding parking in Manhattan, as you can see I drove. We ended up leaving queens at about 6:30pm and getting to the location of the play at about 7:15pm. We made very good timing and there was very little traffic. The worst part of getting to the play was finding parking; we had to circle around the block about 10 times before we finally found someone pulling out of a spot. By this time it was about 7:45pm, we were 2 blocks away and it was very cold out. When we arrived at the theater front there was a very long line and they had everyone waiting outside, which I thought was very uncomfortable and unprofessional.

Finally we had our tickets scanned and were seated; the ushers were very good, knowing exactly where every seat was located. They also handed us both a program which gave us a brake down of the performances which would be taking place. We had very nice seats, in the front mezzanine, and the first row. The lighting of the theater was very bright and the stage was decorated with sea shells, star fish, coral, and other aquatic objects. All of these objects were glowing bright green, glowing in...
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