Little Grey Rabbit Purpose

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How Does the Author in Text 30 Achieve its Purpose
Text 30 is part of a children’s book and the purpose is to entertain. The book itself is intended for young children and is short story. The moral of this story is about sharing/ putting others needs before their own. This would be a good role model story for the children as it is an enjoyable story but yet teaching them at the same time. The genre of the text is fiction. The novel and the series of books ‘The Little Grey Rabbit’ itself are created from the author’s imagination.

The book has a main character (protagonist) which happens to be a female rabbit so predominately the book is focused towards young girls but is for younger children in general. The main focus is to show that girls should cook to celebrate and make people happy in this case the celebration is Pancake Day. As the book goes on can begin to notice that it could also be a stereotype towards women as they are seen as the ones who should be in the kitchen cooking, making food. The audience is young girls, and some young boys, but influences the young children who are reading the book cooking is fun and brings people together, in this instance its pancake day (theme).

The structure and form of text 30 has conversational register making the text appropriate for children. The use of simple and compound sentences are on purpose to target the younger audience. With the story it having such colourful images and different coloured font this is stereotypically representing each gender. By having such a variety of colours and images this encourages the young child to continue reading and to see more pictures.

In this particular text there is repetition throughout of the novel this helps the readers learn the words and to learn name of the characters, meaning they become more familiar with the terms and the types of characters in the book. Rhyme is also used to make it memorable and to help the reader/ child listening learn ‘one to be ready,...
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