little girl or little princess

Topics: Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Nelly Neal
Sociology 101-002
Spring 2014
Professor: Dr. Darlene Haff
Paper # 1: Media
Little Girl Or Little Woman: The Disney Princess Effect

If someone were to ask me of my favorite TV channel, I would be reluctant to say that I love Disney channel. Majority of people who watch Disney movies are kids and teenagers. Watching Disney movies reminds me of a great childhood and a silly dream I had when I was nine years old. Walt Disney animation movies has been a part of my life since the day I learned to walk and talk. I was also a bookworm. I love losing myself in stories and allowing my mind to travel as I daydream of the make believe places I read about. Aurora of “Sleeping Beauty” is one of my favorite Disney animated character. I used to draw her on every cover of my notebook when I was in elementary school, and had her posters decorated everywhere in my room. I remember receiving an Aurora doll as a birthday gift from my parents. To this day, it still is my most favorite gift. I used to sew her dresses from scratch, apply makeup on her, and paint her nails daily and show her off to my friends. At a very young age I have learned to value Aurora, the “Sleeping Beauty” doll greatly. My doll was always with me and we were inseparable. I talked to her, slept with her, and took her to school daily. I even got suspended from school a couple of times after being caught playing with my doll and drawing in class as opposed to studying. My doll became my obsession to the point of her princess character appearing in my dream. I had a dream that I was Aurora who fell into a deep sleep and waited for a kiss of true love from my handsome prince, which would save me from an evil spell. As my dream progressed, I felt disappointed having seen my prince. Upset...
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