Little Brother Essay

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Children: Powerless without Adults?
In “Little Brother” a cyberpunk novel written by Cory Doctorow, Marcus is

hoping to change his life and win back his freedom from the DHS. Marcus gives birth to

a new revolution and provides hope in the fight for freedom. But hope can only go so far,

as he is unable to succeed and achieve the change he desires without the help of adults.

Ultimately, Doctorow shows great strength in the teenage characters, it is only with

strong adult contributions.

Marcus gives birth to the Xnet and potentially gives many Xnetters hope to win

back their freedom, but Marcus is unable to make change in even the simplest matters

due to his lack of authority without getting assistance from adults. Soon after being

released, Marcus feels violated and intimidated by the torture inflicted upon him, but he

isn’t willing to let the DHS get away for their actions inflicted upon him and his friends.

Marcus tries to convince his friends “I want us to fight back, (…) No one will believe us.

Then one day, they’ll come for us.” (73) Marcus wants to retaliate he wants to revenge

himself and his friends, but the DHS intimidated Marcus and he is reluctant to speak out

publicly. In society adults hold majority of the power and ability to make a difference,

so Marcus is restricted on what he can do, but this doesn’t prevent him from trying. After

Marcus or his new undercover name “M1k3y” is becoming more active on the Xnet,

more and more people are getting involved, Marcus wants to make a change and he needs

his friends for it. When Marcus meets Jolu and Van at the cafe to tell them of his plan

Van immediately dislikes it “You think your going to stop them? (…) They’re the

government.” (114) Vanessa states that Marcus is unable to make a change and stop the

DHS due to his lack of power/authority and that Marcus can’t do anything alone as

Vanessa implies that the government is incredibly powerful and has authority. Marcus

continues to face more failures but he doesn’t give up. Soon after Marcus is suspended

for stating his views to the class Before he leaves Mr.Benson makes a point to Marcus

“I’ll email your parents now (…) You don’t want to declare war on me in my own

school,’ he said. ‘You can’t win that war.” (213). Marcus has great strength and has given

many people hope against the war against the DHS but Marcus can’t stand up and change

simple things, he couldn’t win against Mr.Benson because he didn’t have the power that

adults do to influence. Mr.Benson did not give in to Marcus. Instead he reprimanded

Marcus for his attitude, proving that Marcus can’t alone stand up to people in a position

of power. So no matter how much Marcus tries he cannot accomplish much due to his

lack of power, Marcus has great strength he’s given many people hope and revolutionized

the war against the DHS but without adult support he cannot make a significant change.

Marcus or “M1k3y” gives Xnetters new techniques to fight back against the DHS

but none of them really make a huge difference until Marcus gets the support of adults.

After receiving Zeb’s letter Marcus breaks down and can’t handle it, and reveals

everything to his parents. When his dad learns of Marcus’s torturehis dad takes action,

when mom asks where they are going dad says “To see Darryl’s father. Then we’re going

to Barbara Stratford’s place”(254). As soon as Marcus involves his parents action is

being taken, his parents are making a change and making things happen. Marcus himself

couldn’t take any action since he doesn’t have any authority but as soon as his parents are

involved, his parents help to make a change and contribute to his fight with the DHS.

After Marcus told his parents everything they take their story to Barbara. Barbara has

Marcus tell the whole story again and wants to...
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