Little Big Man

Topics: English-language films, Humour, Comedy Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: October 25, 2006
In the film Little Big Man the reversed stereotyping was really interesting. It really showed us both sides of the story in my opinion. In the other movies they only show the whites point of view. That the Indians were people just like everyone else. They had a sense of humor, desire, embarrassment.

Now like I said it showed us that the Indians had a sense of humor and desirer in the movie. The reason I put these two together is because in the movie they go hand and hand. An example of this is when Little Big Man has sex each one of sunrise's sisters. He makes little funny remarks about each one after he has sex with them. Staring with the youngest sister, thinking she would be the quickest, he was happily mistaken. Then he has sex with Digging Bear the second oldest sister. After having sex with her he said "they didn't call her Digging Bear for nothing." By now Little Big Man didn't have much left but had the oldest sister left which was Corn Mother. In film he said "I was glad I had left Corn Mother for last". That was a funny part in the movie to me. That is why I say desire and humor go hand and hand. The last aspect that was show about the Indians was embarrassment. It seem like no matter what Little Big Man did he always embarrassed Younger Bear. In the beginning of the film it was when Little Big Man punched Younger Bear and made him bleed. Another account was when Younger Bear was bragging about his wife being so great when she really wasn't. Little Big Man and he go to his house and his wife beats him. In seeing this Little Big Man refuses and embarrasses Younger Bear once more.

Like said this movie showed that Indian weren't mindless savages. They are just people, nothing more or less. Seeing the different point of view keeps you honest in what you think about something.
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