Little Big Man

Topics: Wild Bill Hickok, Deadwood, South Dakota, American Old West Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Little Big Man

The movie of Little Big Man was the retelling of a story by a person named Jack Crabb. Jack Crabb began telling the story of his past and the many encounters he had while growing up in the Old West. At the age of 100, the production of the movie began by the stories he told historians. This movie was set in the Midwest during the 19th century or in historian’s words, the Old West. There were many known historical moments in this movie which Jack Crabb has lived through to tell many people. Jack Crabb’s story begins with his parents, older sister, and him traveling in their wagon in which gets attacked by the Pawnee nation. Jack and his older sister survived this massacre but his parents were killed during the action. Jack and his sister were then found by a Cheyenne warrior who took them back to the Cheyenne village. The story goes along with Jack’s sister escaping the Cheyenne nation on horseback but Jack remains and is raised by the Cheyenne Chief, Old Lodge Skins. As the story goes on, Jack helps save the life of one of the Cheyenne warriors, named Younger Bear. Jack then gets him name “Little Big Man” because he is short in height but very brave as a warrior. There were many funny moments in the story which began when he was taken by the US soldiers and put in the home of a Reverend and his wife. The Reverend’s wife began having a sexual appetite for Jack so he quickly leaves the home. Jack then becomes an apprentice of a snake-oil salesman but gets tarred and feathered by the town’s people because the product is fake. Jack then reunites with his older sister and she molds him into a gunslinger, which is where he meets Wild Bill Hickok. Jack then decides he isn’t a gunslinger so he leaves and marries a Swedish woman named Olga. During their travel to the west, they get ambushed by the Cheyenne and Olga is abducted. To make the long story short, Jack befriends the 7th Cavalry of General Custer and tries to find Olga. He is...
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